Learning and doing the ministry is not exclusive to pastors, evangelists, and missionaries; every Christian should be involved in the ministry.

Jesus said, "Whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant". Because of this, it is our desire to train servants who can lead others in service for God. Providence Baptist College students are trained to spread the gospel everywhere they go, to observe needs and fill them, and to teach others to follow Christ.

Students have many opportunities to learn and gain experience in many soulwinning ministries of Northwest Bible Baptist Church. Within the first year of enrollment, every student will be paired with the soulwinners of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, giving the students one-on-one training in adult confrontational soulwinning. Besides this, students will also have the opportunity to serve in the bus ministry, an effective tool which has been used to bring tens of thousands of people to church and to bring thousands to Christ. Above and beyond this, students may also participate in nursing home ministries, the addiction recovery ministry, children's church, altar work, audio/video ministry, music ministry, and much more.

Former students and graduates of Providence Baptist College now use the ministry training that they received on a weekly basis at their home churches, in their full-time ministry, or on the foreign mission field, fulfilling Christ's command to "occupy until He comes".

Soulwinning & Visitation

For two semesters on Saturdays, every student at Providence Baptist College is enrolled in an adult door-to-door soulwinning program. This program allows the student to take the classroom training that they have received and to apply it. A student is assigned an experienced soulwinning trainer who will give the student personal training in the best methods for presenting the gospel, leading people to Christ, showing people the need for baptism, and getting people into church.

Bus Routes

No ministry is as effective to reach children with the gospel as the bus ministry. Each student will have the opportunity to learn how to build a bus route through visitation and soulwinning, run the educational program on the bus through skits, games, and Bible stories, and deal with children's spiritual and physical needs. Students also have the opportunity to fill leadership roles within the bus ministry as a bus co-captain.

Reformers Unanimous

Each Friday night, students have the opportunity to participate in Reformers Unanimous, the addictions recovery program of Northwest Bible Baptist Church. Students serve in this ministry by planning, administering, and running the children's and teens' programs.

Nursing Homes

Beside all of the other ministries available to our students on weekends, students have the opportunity to serve in the nursing home ministry. This ministry provides weekly scheduled church services to nursing home residents who would otherwise not be able to attend church.

Music Ministry

Because music is an essential aspect of the ministry, students at Providence Baptist College have the opportunity to be trained toward a specific performance medium (piano, voice, brass, woodwind, etc.). Students then use the skills they gain from private and classroom instruction by preparing and performing special music for church services and college chapel services.

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