Designed for students feeling God’s call to the mission field.


The Missions program trains students how to successfully begin their ministry.

This training includes practical instruction in preaching preparation and technique as well as training in areas of practical ministry methods in music, church growth, and church administration. Besides all of this, Missions students take courses which prepare students for the challenges of getting to the mission field and staying on the mission field.

Students have the privilege to sit at the feet of veteran missionaries on a weekly basis and to learn from their real-life experiences on the mission field. In addition, the annual missions conference hosted at Providence Baptist college allows students to mingle with missionaries on deputation and furlough and to ask questions specific to their future ministry.

Missions students will also be assisted by the college to save for a month-long missions trip. Taken between the students' junior and senior year, this trip will expose them to the realities of life of the mission field as they visit veteran missionaries and as they gain a greater burden for God's call on their life.

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