Church Music Education

Gives students a solid background in theory and its application for church music ministry.


The Church Music Education program develops budding musicians into servants who offer their talents to God.

Students progress from the basics of music theory to the more advanced issues of musical arrangement and composition. They also sharpen their skills at leading instrumental and vocal ensembles of varying sizes for use in church services.

A primary performance medium (i.e. voice, keyboard, instrumental) must be selected and studied throughout the program. Each semester the student receives personalized, one-on-one training enabling him to hone his skill in his specific instrument of choice.

Students have ample opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain as a student by participating in an entire semester student teaching experience. During this semester, students work side-by-side with the teachers of Northwest Baptist Academy. These teachers mentor, evaluate, and train student teachers in the practical ways of teaching young minds. In addition, the Church Music Education student has opportunities to work with the school bands and choirs. When a student is finished, he is ready to take on the challenges of Christian education for himself.

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