Designed to give the student feeling God’s call into evangelism practical helps and ministry experience.


The Evangelism program trains young men how to successfully begin their ministry.

This training includes practical instruction in preaching preparation and technique as well as training in areas of practical ministry methods in music, church growth, and church administration. This enables students to graduate and to enter the ministry ready to learn and serve in a ministry right out of college.

Evangelism students receive much of their training from area pastors who teach our students weekly in the areas of Church Education, Homiletics, Missions, and specific areas of Biblical studies. The interaction between students and pastors engages our students as they learn the ministry from men who have their own unique ministries. In addition, students interact with evangelists who come to Providence to preach and hold modules with our evangelism students.

Evangelism students exercise their ministry skills in leadership roles during weekend ministries. This opportunity allows students to apply their knowledge from the classroom and to see results in the lives of the people that they reach with the gospel.

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