Average Semester Total

On campus


Off campus



Full-time Students

12-18 credit hours


$185 per credit hour over 18

Part-time Students

Less than 12 credit hours


$100 registration fee for students with less than 5 credit hours

Room & Board


per semester

Optional/One Time Fees

*Not included in the Total Cost calculated above.

Regular Semester Fees


per semester

  • Registration: $200
  • Activity: $150
  • Automobile: $50
    ($25 for off-campus students)
  • *Graduation (second semester seniors): $125

*Degree-Specific Fees

  • All Computer Courses: $50
  • Graphics Major: $100
  • Home Economics: $50
  • Music Lessons: $240
  • Science Lab: $50
  • Secretarial Major: $50
  • Sewing/Cooking: $50
  • Student Teaching: $65

Financial Aid

Providence Baptist College provides students with many opportunities and advantages for economic help

High School Valedictorian

Each student achieving valedictorian status for his or her high school class (with a minimum size graduating class of five) will receive one semester of free tuition.

Children of Full-time Christian Workers

Dependent children whose father (or head of household mother) is in full-time Christian service will receive a discount on tuition, as long as the parent remains in full-time service. Female students will receive a 50% discount, male students a 25% discount.

Work Scholarship Program

A limited number of on-campus work scholarship opportunities are available. Those interested should call (847) 931-7222 to request an application form from the work scholarship coordinator.

Free Courses

A full-time student’s wife may take one course (3 credit hours) per semester free of charge. She must, however, pay the application fee which is required of all students.

Northwest Baptist Academy Discount

A full-time, head of household student may enroll his/her children at Northwest Baptist Academy at 25% off of the regular tuition fee.

Spouse Discount

If both you and your spouse are enrolled as full-time students, either you or your spouse may receive a 50% tuition discount.

Veteran’s Association Benefits

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