A balanced life requires that you have some fun.


Student activities are an essential part of the student experience at Providence Baptist College. These on-campus or off-campus activities provide students an opportunity to socialize and create friendships which last a lifetime and provide a diversion from the day to day grind of classes and work.

Each Saturday, the college activity department schedules an off-campus activity. Often, the students take advantage of the close proximity to the city of Chicago by visiting Navy Pier and by attending NBA, MLB, NHL, and other professional sporting events. Other local activities might include ice skating, attending the local Symphony Orchestra, getting lost in a 28-acre corn maze, or playing glow in the dark mini-golf.

Beside all this, students enjoy several other major activities. During the first week of school, students are treated to nightly activities free of charge. Then on Labor Day, they enjoy a white water rafting trip as students cascade over several water falls. Toward Christmas, students take in the festive spirit of the city of Chicago lit up with Christmas lights. As spring approaches, students will enjoy our annual spring banquet which includes a decadent meal at a unique venue which has included the Signature Room (95th floor of the John Hancock Building), Brazilian steak houses, and a Lake Michigan dinner cruise.

The campus at Providence Baptist College offers many activities as well. The college on-campus recreation areas boast table games like ping-pong, pool, Foosball, and air hockey, outdoor basketball courts, and a tennis court. In addition, the student lounge offers televised sporting events along with a video gaming system. Students at Providence do not have to work hard at finding the fun in fundamental.

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