Why Choose PBC

Providence Baptist College is not for everyone.
For those who are considering attending PBC though, allow us to point out several strengths that may help you decide.

A Balanced Life

Too often, service is substituted for spirituality. Providence stresses a balance of the two. Classes and ministries teach hard work and activities add variety to the weekly schedule, but a personal walk with God is equally emphasized.

Vibrant, Growing Local Church

You’ll be directly involved in the ministries of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, the red-hot, growing church out of which Providence is based.

Actively Serving Faculty

Currently-serving pastors, associate pastors, evangelists, and missionaries teach most of our Bible classes and all of our church education classes. Learning from these successful, proven men of God provides a sense of relevance and excitement.

Who is the Adjunct Faculty?

Friendly Staff

Instead of “just being another number”, you will have close communication with the faculty and staff, and come to personally know some of the most successful administrators and pastors in America.

PBC Administration

Dynamic Pastor

Under the strong leadership of Pastor Phil Cavanaugh, Northwest Bible Baptist Church sees continual growth. Pastor Cavanaugh has a sincere desire to train tomorrow's leaders today, and each student at Providence can certainly benefit from his insightful, Spirit-filled preaching.

Competitive Costs

It is our goal to make sure all costs have the greatest possible return to you. As a result, the costs at Providence are competitive with other similar Baptist colleges in America.

Vibrant Job Market

According to most reports, working your way through college is easier in the Chicagoland area than anywhere in the country.

The area offers the best-paying, second-shift jobs around, with a good variety of opportunities. From day care to lawn care, from construction to retail sales—and much more—all can be found in our area. Tuition and other expenses are paid because of the excellent hourly wages, taking the financial pressure off our students. This allows them to concentrate on their personal walk with Christ, their studies, and their ministries.

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