Pastoral Assistant

This course of study is designed for the prospective assistant pastor.


The Pastoral Assistant program trains young men to be an asset to their pastors in various areas of ministry.

Although Pastoral Assistant students are trained in many of the same areas as a Pastoral Theology student, the students of this program choose a specific area of emphasis: church music, Christian school administration, church ministries, or church graphic design. Because of this, students can specialize in a specific area of the ministry which interests them.

Students in this program learn from current pastors and assistant pastors who have exceptional skill and years of experience in their respective areas of expertise. Whether in a song-leading class, website design class, or youth work class, students receive training that is applicable and relevant in today's ministry setting.

Students, working alongside their instructors in the ministry, then apply what they learn in the classroom. Students serve in leadership positions in the bus ministry assisting the bus director by planning bus ministry promotions. Because they also participate in special musical events at church, students observe how these events are constructed. Students do not lack the opportunity for hands-on training which will prepare them for the future.

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