Church Secretarial Science

A more in-depth study of secretarial skills than the two-year program offers.


The Church Secretarial program trains young women to successfully assist churches in the areas of office administration.

This four-year course exposes students to the skills needed to run an office and to use computer applications which aid in the operations of any church ministry. In addition, students take courses that expose them to the Christian education and to the graphic design fields. All of this develops a secretary who is ready to launch into the ministry.

Church Secretarial students receive much of their training from experienced secretaries from Northwest Bible Baptist Church and Providence Baptist College who teach them proper office procedures, business writing, practical Microsoft applications, financial accounting, and more.

Students also are afforded a semester-long secretarial internship program during which students apply their skills in and around the ministries of Northwest Bible Baptist Church. With this practical training, students will be prepared to serve God in their local church.

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