Elementary Christian Education

Designed to train administrators and teachers for the elementary grades


The Elementary Christian Education program molds college students into teachers.

Students learn the basics of classroom instruction in classes like Philosophy of Christian Education, Classroom Leadership, Tests and Measurements, and General Teaching Methods. In addition, students in this program receive training in specific areas related to elementary education. Classes like Teaching Reading, Teaching Mathematics, Teaching History and Science, Teaching Art and P.E., and Teaching Children's Music to prepare our students to use the best methods of instruction for elementary-age children in each of these areas.

Students receive training from knowledgeable instructors with years of practical classroom experience. These instructors lead by example showing the students how to work their educational job while not neglecting to serve in weekend ministry.

Students have ample opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain as a student by participating in an entire semester student teaching experience. During this semester, students work side-by-side with the teachers of Northwest Baptist Academy. These teachers mentor, evaluate, and train student teachers in the practical ways of teaching young minds. When a student is finished, he is ready to take on the challenges of Christian education for himself.

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