Over 20 years of history is spread out into 3 distinct locations:
The Nesler Road property, the McHenry facility, and the current River Road campus.


Nesler Road Campus: 1998-2001

When Dr. Keith Gomez accepted the pastorate of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, he instituted a ministry called the “Family Bible Institute”. Then, in the fall 1987, in response to the interest being generated by people from outside of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, the name was changed to Northwest Baptist Institute. During the years to follow, formal plans were made which would start laying the groundwork for a future four-year Bible college.
As the construction of the church’s Elgin campus took place, a watchful eye was kept in order to lay out the structure which would also house a four-year Bible college. After the new church building was occupied, and after years of planning and preparation, the doors to Providence Baptist College were opened on August 24, 1998.

McHenry Campus: 2001-2004

In September 2001, because of three years of steady growth, the decision was made to purchase a Ramada Inn in McHenry, IL to house the growing student body. This building provided needed dormitories, kitchen, dining room, classroom, and office space. For three years, this building served the needs of the college. However, because of an influx of students, Providence Baptist College required more space.

River Road Campus: 2004-Present

To accommodate the continued growth of the college, a Best Western Hotel in Elgin, IL was purchased in September of 2004 and the McHenry campus was sold. By November, minor renovation of the Elgin facility had been completed. Seventy van, truck, and trailer loads later, having missed only three days of classes, the fall semester resumed at the new Elgin campus. Then, in 2016, Northwest Bible Baptist Church was able to retire the mortgage of the River Road campus, making the church debt free for the first time in 42 years! This building continues to serve the needs of Providence Baptist College and to serve as its base from which young people are sent out to serve the Lord.

Present Day

Excitement for the future remains high, with graduates serving all over the world and many more students expected to join us next year in preparation to serve the Lord. From the staff and faculty who have labored to the students who have so eagerly accepted the dynamic training they are given, we praise God, who gave a man a vision, which is now Providence Baptist College.

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