Financial Aid

High School ValedictorianHigh School ValedictorianEach student achieving valedictorian status for his or her high school class (with a minimum size graduating class of five) will receive one semester of free tuition.

Children of Full-time Christian WorkersChildren of Full-time Christian WorkersDependent children whose father (or head of household mother) is in full-time Christian service will receive a discount on tuition, as long as the parent remains in full-time service. Female students will receive a 50% discount, male students a 25% discount.

Work Scholarship ProgramWork Scholarship ProgramA limited number of on-campus work scholarship opportunities are available. Those interested should call (847) 931-7222 to request an application form from the work scholarship coordinator.

Free CoursesFree CoursesA full-time student’s wife may take one course (3 credit hours) per semester free of charge. She must, however, pay the application fee which is required of all students.

Northwest Baptist Academy DiscountNorthwest Baptist Academy DiscountA full-time, head of household student may enroll his/her children at Northwest Baptist Academy at 25% off of the regular tuition fee.

Spouse DiscountSpouse DiscountIf both you and your spouse are enrolled as full-time students, either you or your spouse may receive a 50% tuition discount.

Veteran's Association BenefitsVeteran’s Association BenefitsThank you for your service!

1. Who can receive Veteran’s Association Benefits?

  • Veterans and other eligible persons under the provision of Section 1776, Title 38, United States Code.

2. How do I sign up for my benefits?

  • Apply for the Certificate of Eligibility with the Registrar in the Administrative Office. He should not mail any papers directly to the Veterans Administration.
  • Due to the time required to process new applications by the V.A., students will frequently have their initial checks delayed past October 21. Students should file their applications for benefits as soon as possible so that this delay will be as brief as possible.
  • All veterans attending college must realize they are responsible for their college payments. When checks from the V.A. are late in arriving, the student will still need to make the payments on his bill as is required of the other students.

3. How many hours do I need to take?
Providence Baptist College is considered by the Veterans Administration to be on a “credit-hour” basis.

  • 6-8 semester hours…one-half V.A. Benefits
  • 9-11 hours…three-fourths V.A. Benefits
  • 12-20 hours…full V.A. Benefits

4. Restrictions

  • Any veteran not maintaining at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average will be put on academic counseling by the college. Students not maintaining a 2.0 average while on academic counseling will be placed in the Survey Program. Courses taken while a student is in the Survey Program will not lead to regular college credit. Students may not receive V.A. benefits while in the Survey Program and would not be eligible to receive benefits for a minimum of two regular semesters.