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Exciting Local Church

Northwest Bible Baptist Church is an old-fashioned, independent, fundamental Baptist church that believes, preaches, and practices the Bible. Every student will be excited and encouraged by the work God is doing here. The vibrant growth and friendly members of Northwest will make every student feel welcome. Our strong church families will encourage, love, and adopt them as one of their own.

Effective Soulwinning Training

Are you satisfied with your soulwinning? Do you want to receive the best preparation possible for your life-long ministry? If so, Providence is a place you can receive practical training. Every student will be taught how to become a soulwinner and will enjoy the many opportunities available to win souls. Some of these opportunities include soulwinning clubs, bus routes, and children’s church ministries.

Experienced Faculty and Staff

Because Providence is designed for students who have the call of God on their lives to serve in the ministry, we ensure that classes are taught by successful pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and full-time Christian workers. Along with local area pastors who teach every week, there are also faculty members with years of experience from each academic field who train our students.