1982-1998 – The Vision for Providence Baptist College

The history of Providence Baptist College had its beginning in May, 1982, when Dr. Keith Gomez officially became pastor of Northwest Bible Baptist Church. With an immediate burden to see his people continue to grow in Christ, he instituted a ministry called the “Family Bible Institute”.  Then in the fall of 1987, in response to the interest being generated by people from outside of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, the name was changed to Northwest Baptist Institute. During the years to follow, formal plans were made which would start laying the ground work for a future four-year Bible college.

1998-2001 – Church Campus

Due to facility limitations, the implementation of this dream was slow. Then, in the spring of 1995, Northwest Bible Baptist Church purchased land and began construction of its new complex, located in Elgin, IL. The layout was carefully planned so a four-year Bible college could be housed in the church building. The new church building was occupied in 1996.
The doors of Providence Baptist College were finally opened on August 24th, 1998. For three years the college experienced steady growth on the church campus. Because of this steady growth, a decision was made in September 2001 to purchase a Ramada Inn located in McHenry, IL.

2001-2004 – McHenry Campus

While the campus in McHenry provided needed office, classroom, and dormitory space, it also began to grow crowded as the Lord blessed with more students each semester. To accommodate the continued growth of the college, a Best Western Hotel in Elgin, IL was purchased in September of 2004. By November, minor renovation of the facility had been completed, and the fall semester resumed in the new Elgin campus.

2004-Present – Elgin Campus

The current campus in Elgin provides plenty of classroom space, and houses the students comfortably. This location is conveniently located right off of Interstate 90, and is only about twenty minutes away from the church. The majority of the students’ jobs are within a twenty minute drive as well.

Providence Baptist College continues to promote and defend the Biblical truths held by Baptists throughout history. High academic standards are kept in every class, yet the “old paths” are still being taught by our instructors.