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Our Purpose

The purpose of Providence Baptist College is to promote and defend the Biblical truths held by Baptists throughout history. This purpose includes preparing pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and full-time Baptist church workers (secretaries, musicians, youth workers, teachers, etc.), with a high standard of Biblical studies which are fundamental and evangelistic in nature.

The training given to these Christian workers is spiritually sound, historically traditional, politically conservative, evangelistically aggressive, theologically Baptist, and thus consistent with what is preached from fundamental, independent Baptist pulpits.

The Christ-centered theme that provides direction in all that Providence teaches is, “That He might have the preeminence.” As a result, we will attempt to teach a balance in the Christian worker’s life—a balance between aggressive service and a close walk with Christ.

Christian Training

Providence is a Christian vocational institution. The pastor and membership of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, under the leadership of God’s Holy Spirit, established Providence to provide training for God-called Christians to serve in various fields. Our graduates are prepared to serve God in the independent, fundamental Baptist churches of America and throughout the world.

  • Pastoral Theology/Assistant
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Elementary Christian Education
  • Secondary Christian Education
  • Church Music
  • Church Secretarial/Business
  • Biblical Studies
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